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Lemon-Dou is now available in the Philippines

The Coca-Cola Company has finally made available Lemon-Dou, an alcoholic chu-hi drink, in the Philippines. The soft drink giant previously launched Lemon-Dou first in Japan, followed by China. Lemon-Dou is made from crushed whole lemons, infused in alcohol and mixed with bubbles.

Lemon-Dou comes in three variants Devil Lemon (9% ABV), Signature Lemon (5% ABV) and Honey Lemon (3% ABV), each with different alcoholic content.

Apart from the standard alcohol-free beer in plain flavour, there is currently a lack of alcoholic drinks with a lower alcohol content in the Philippines. Honey Lemon offers consumers with a lower ABV version that fits the current consumption trend for mindful drinking.


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