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KFC Malaysia launches new Ayam Pedas Nyonya

KFC Malaysia has launched Ayam Pedas Nyonya or Nyonya Spicy Chicken to celebrate Malaysia’s Peranakan culture. This limited edition menu features a quintessential Nyonya ingredient such as bunga kantan, lemongrass, shallots and kaffir lime as well as KFC’s signature Hot & Spicy chicken.

Starting from RM15.99, the new meal is available in three options — as a two-piece combo, three-piece combo or box meal.

Nyonya food is quite popular in Malaysia. As a flavour in QSR in Malaysia, we believe it can be explored further. In 2019, McDonald’s launched its Portuguese Chicken Burger and described it as “dipped in spicy and flavourful Portuguese Sauce! Spicy and savoury, with a hint of Nyonya-inspired flavour.”

In Singapore, KFC rolled out its very own Spicy Nyonya Chicken in 2020 where the sauce is made from spicy chilies, dried shrimps, curry spices, and laksa leaves, with a hint of sweet coconut.


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