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Rexona inspires Malaysians to support local disabled communities through the power of movement with its #MoveForGood campaign

Rexona pledges up to RM50,000 to 3 local NGOs in hopes to unite communities and empower positive social change

1 August 2021, KUALA LUMPUR – Rexona has launched their #RexonaMoveForGood campaign happening from 1st August – 31st August to inspire Malaysians to support local disabled communities through the power of movement. Through this campaign, Rexona hopes to transform the lives of this community by rallying Malaysians to move more while staying safe at home. With high hopes to achieve this feat, up to RM50,000 has been pledged towards the cause, where Rexona will be donating RM10 for every workout or dance video uploaded to Facebook and Instagram with the #RexonaMoveForGood hashtag.

Movement brings people together, unites communities and stimulates positive social change so that everyone can experience the associated physical, mental and social benefits. However, for the disabled community, these transformative effects remain out of reach. In light of that, Rexona has partnered with three local NGOs: Persatuan Orang Cacat Malaysia, Independent Living & Training Centre Malaysia and Special Olympics Selangor. These 3 NGOs, while different in nature, all share the same values and beliefs as Rexona does, which is to improve the lives of those afflicted with the inability to move freely and to inspire confidence by using movement to achieve positive outcomes, no matter the adversity.

As the lives of the local disabled community grow increasingly difficult due to the pandemic, the vulnerabilities and barriers faced by this community grow increasingly apparent. While the #KitaJagaKita and the #BenderaPutih initiatives are helping everyday Malaysians battle the consequences of COVID-19, Rexona’s #RexonaMoveForGood campaign is specifically looking to help the local disabled community to keep moving in spite of their physical limitations. True to Rexona’s roots as an enabler for movement, this campaign will ensure that the members of this community are provided with various items to aid everyday movement such as special wheelchairs, customised prosthetics and special sporting equipment, amongst others.

“Rexona truly believes that movement has the power to positively transform lives and break barriers. We envision Malaysia to be a country where everyone has the privilege of movement with nothing holding us back. Yet unfortunately, some Malaysians lack access to such privileges that many others have. Therefore, Rexona has partnered with these three NGOs to empower the lives of the local disabled community with the confidence and opportunity to move,” said Lenny Chuah Marketing Director, Beauty and Personal Care, MYSG at Unilever.

“With the Movement Control Orders in effect, we understand that Malaysians are not used to having our movement controlled. But while this is merely a phase for us, it is a lifelong struggle for the local disabled community and it is only getting more difficult for them now. The #RexonaMoveForGood campaign is Rexona’s promise to support them because now more than ever, this community needs our help and we believe that every Malaysian has the power to enrich the lives of those in need. So get moving and let’s make every move count,” added Lenny.

To pledge your support for the local disabled community, post a workout or dance video on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #RexonaMoveForGood and Rexona will donate RM10 for every video uploaded. For more information and regular updates about the #RexonaMoveForGood campaign, follow Rexona on Facebook and Instagram.


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