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Ivy launches plum and tamarind juice drinks in SIG XSlimBloc carton packs

BANGKOK, May 13, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – I.P. Natural Products (I.P.) has expanded its popular Ivy beverage brand, so far consisting of UHT drinking yogurts, to include juices in SIG XSlimBloc carton packs, 170 ml and 200 ml.

Ivy’s new juice range will be introduced in two Asian-inspired flavors: tamarind – a refreshing juice made with premium local Thai ingredients, and plum – a tangy-sweet juice made with fresh Taiwanese plums. Produced using Ivy’s unique beverage formulation, both products boast a distinctly Thai flavor profile that will appeal to local consumers who can enjoy it on the go. Both flavors will be available on Thai retail shelves in SIG XSlimBloc carton packs, 170 ml and 200ml.

Mr. Uthai Thaneswarakul, Managing Director and President of I.P. One Company Limited: “I.P. is thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with SIG as we expand Ivy’s beverage categories to meet the diverse needs of our consumers. We share SIG’s core values of providing consumers with safe and high-quality UHT products and believe in SIG’s commitment to providing even more sustainable innovations.”

He further shared: “We are committed to producing good quality products. I want Thai people to use and consume quality products, including delicious food and beverages made from quality ingredients. This is the key to our success, allowing us to grow sustainably both domestically and abroad.”

I.P.’s partnership with SIG spans 27 years. Together, the companies have brought popular beverages to market through a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Angela Lu, President & General Manager Asia Pacific at SIG: “SIG offers comprehensive solutions that enable customers to explore new market segments. With our agile and flexible filling system, we offer customers unmatched volume and format flexibility, enabling them to meet the rapidly changing demands of consumers.”

The SIG XSlim 24 Aseptic filling machine offers the flexibility to fill up to nine different pack sizes on the same high-speed filler (up to 24,000 packs/hour). The changeover time when switching pack size takes less than 15 minutes. This flexibility allows businesses to easily and quickly right-size their products based on consumer demands.


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