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Pos Malaysia Delivers Employee Wellbeing First with Launch of Innovative ‘FIT’ Programme

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 June 2024 – Pos Malaysia Berhad (“Pos Malaysia”), the national post and parcel service provider, proudly unveils its latest employee wellbeing initiative, FIT – a comprehensive programme delivered via its employee engagement mobile platform Kyzense. FIT was developed in collaboration with Naluri, a leading digital health and wellbeing company in Southeast Asia and marks another significant step in Pos Malaysia’s commitment to employee welfare.

Pos Malaysia’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Charles Brewer, affirmed the company’s commitment to its workforce, stating, “Pos Malaysia is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our 14,000-strong workforce. Having highly motivated, engaged and safe employees is a key part of our transformation-focused strategy, and we deliver on that by ensuring we create an amazing and safe environment where our incredible teams can flourish, and this means providing a supportive and nurturing work environment that prioritises the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of every employee.”

“Employee engagement and wellbeing, when brought together, create a high-performance employee environment in which the two inform and build on one another. FIT is a comprehensive wellbeing programme offering our employees easy and ‘always-on’ access to physical and mental health support. All of our Pos Wiras will have a dedicated channel to connect with healthcare consultants and expert coaches whenever required. This support system is seamlessly accessible through our Kyzense app, providing impactful 24/7 assistance right at their fingertips.”

Brewer further added, “At Pos Malaysia, our purpose is to be passionate about building trust to connect lives and businesses for a better tomorrow, and as part of that, we are committed to creating a healthy and supportive work environment where our Pos Wiras feel motivated, engaged and most importantly safe. Because we are accelerating our investment in our employees’ health and wellbeing we will see numerous measurable benefits, from higher productivity and improved financials to lower turnover and fewer safety incidents.”

Naluri’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Azran Osman-Rani said, “We’re honoured to partner with Pos Malaysia, a pioneer in digital employee engagement and integrate Naluri’s predictive and preventive wellbeing features into Kyzense to help transform traditional healthcare which is reactive ‘sickcare’ to the FIT programme that proactively keeps employees healthy and engaged.”

According to reports, approximately 40% of the workforce in Malaysia is at risk of mental health issues, and nearly half are overweight or obese (Source: Aon, “Global Medical Report” Trend Rates Report (2022); Aon Insights; Ginger Report (2021); Relate Malaysia study (2021)).

FIT offers employees a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellbeing, empowering them to take charge of their health. The programme provides easy access to round-the-clock support from certified mental health professionals through secure and confidential consultations via chat, WhatsApp, or phone, seamlessly integrated with the Kyzense app. Employees can take validated assessments to measure anxiety, depression, and stress, and connect with multidisciplinary coaches, including psychologists, dieticians, and fitness experts, all within the FIT app. Additionally, a library of educational resources such as modules, videos, and webinars assists in making informed health choices.

Taking a holistic approach with AI-Powered personalisation, FIT addresses not only physical fitness, but also diet, mental wellbeing, and even chronic condition management. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, FIT tailors care plans specifically to individual needs, allowing for early detection of potential health risks and ensuring employees receive the most relevant support.

By using FIT, employees can expect numerous benefits, including improved overall health and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Ultimately, the programme cultivates a supportive and healthfocused workplace culture, benefiting both employees and employers alike. Pos Malaysia remains dedicated to nurturing an environment of continuous improvement and wellbeing, ensuring that every employee has the resources and support needed to thrive both personally and professionally.

Stay connected with Pos Malaysia via www.pos.com.my, or follow us on Facebook, X, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn.



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