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Curated Culture introduced Recover as a sugar-free recovery drink

Singapore’s Curated Culture introduced Recover in March 2024 to replace its Hydra drink. According to the company, Hydra and Recover have similar benefits and functions. Recover is a reformulated version, and the taste profile is slightly different. It has more citrus flavour. 

Recover Tangy Citrus is a low-calorie, sugar-free recovery drink (only 8 calories) that helps consumers stay on top of their training goals. The drink has the following benefits:

  • Reduce muscle aches and fatigue – an optimised blend of BCAA and electrolytes
  • Boost your immune system – IMMUSE postbiotics

Curated Culture is actively promoting Recover at sporting events like the Handball Supercup. The rebrand from Hydra to Recover clearly communicates the drink’s functional benefits.

Curated Culture also offers Relax, a lychee rose-flavored drink with live probiotics and ashwagandha. This sugar-free, low-calorie option promotes gut health and mental well-being, tapping into the gut-brain connection, where the health of our gut can affect our mental well-being, and our mental state can affect our gut. 



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