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Vietnam chairs ASEAN Restaurant Associations Alliance

Mr. Andrew Kwan (right), President of the Restaurant Association of Singapore and Past Chairman of the ASEAN Restaurant Association Alliance, hands over chairmanship to Mr. Chu Hong Minh (left), President of the Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV)

Singapore, 5 July 2024  – The ASEAN Restaurant Associations Alliance (ARAA) has adopted four main culinary initiatives as proposed by the in-coming Chairman, the Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) at its Board Meeting held at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore on Friday, 28 June 2024.

Mr Minh Chu, President of RAV, said “members of the ARAA would focus on organising culinary tourism, culinary competition, business missions and productivity training programmes in his new term of office.”

“The Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) is excited to unveil four pioneering initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration and mutual benefits among Southeast Asian nations. These initiatives, designed to promote culinary diversity, economic growth, and cultural exchange, are set to revolutionise the food industry landscape in the region,” added Mr Chu.

The Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) is the Member Organisation that will assume the Chairmanship of ARAA in the 2024 – 2025 term. The other six associations are from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore. The Board Meeting was held in conjunction with the SIGEP Asia 2024 and Restaurant Asia 2024 staged at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Convention and Expo Centre, from 26-28 June 2024.

The Four Initiatives for Southeast Asia Region are as follows:

  1. Food Tourism Delight:

The first initiative to be spearheaded by the RAV is a captivating Food Tourism programme that will showcase the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam and five other nations in Southeast Asia. This initiative promises to attract tourists, stimulate economic growth, and celebrate the unique flavours and traditions of the region. As part of this initiative, 50 restaurants exemplifying cultural richness and aligning with tourism objectives will be selected to participate, showcasing the authentic flavours and traditions of the region to global audiences.

  1. Cuisine Competition Extravaganza:

In a bid to celebrate culinary excellence, a Cuisine Competition would bring together talented chefs and food enthusiasts from across Southeast Asia. This friendly competition aims to highlight the diversity of cuisines and foster friendly rivalry among nations.

  1. Trade Mission for Growth:

A strategic Trade Mission is on the horizon to expand membership in the restaurant associations across the region. This initiative seeks to create networking opportunities, promote cross-border collaborations, and strengthen the bond among food industry professionals in Southeast Asia.

  1. Productivity Training Program:

Last but not least, a Productivity Training Programme curated by Singapore is in the works to enhance the skills and efficiency of individuals and businesses in the food services industry. This innovative programme will equip participants with essential tools and strategies to drive operational excellence and competitiveness.

“We are thrilled to introduce these transformative initiatives that reflect our commitment to advancing the food services industry in Southeast Asia,” said by Mr. Minh Chu. “Through collaboration, innovation, and shared experiences, we believe these initiatives will pave the way for a prosperous and interconnected culinary and restaurant landscape in our region.” 

ARAA Takes Steps to Unify and Strengthen the ASEAN F&B Sector

The ASEAN Restaurant Association Alliance (ARAA) has established a common platform with the aim of enhancing the sustainable food and beverage industry, sharing best practices and experiences within the sector, and fostering strong business relationships.

Member countries have reached a consensus to promote each other’s activities, as well as organise joint initiatives that will benefit members and connect the business network across the ASEAN market.

The ASEAN Restaurant Association Alliance (ARAA) was established on March 21, 2019 by restaurant associations from Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, during the opening ceremony of the Restaurant Asia 2019 event held at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore Convention and Expo Centre.

The six founding association members that form the ASEAN Restaurant Alliance include:

1. Cambodia Restaurant Association (Cambodia), represented by Ms Lina Hak, President ;

2. Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association (Indonesia), represented by Ms. Susanty Widjaya, Chairman of Franchising Committee,

3. The Malaysian Food and Beverage Executives Association (Malaysia), represented by Mr. Hisham Tan Abdullah, President;

4. Hotel & Restaurant Association (Philippines), represented by Mr. Eugene Yap, President;

5. Restaurant Association of Singapore (Singapore), represented by Mr. Vincent Tan, President;

6. Restaurant Association of Vietnam (Vietnam), represented by Mr. Chu Hong Minh, President.

On May 25, 2023, the member associations of the ASEAN Restaurant Association Alliance (ARAA) reaffirmed their commitment to the regional alliance at the 4th Restaurant Asia 2023 event held at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This signing ceremony reiterated the members’ determination, trust, and confidence in collaborating to propel the F&B industry to new heights across Southeast Asia.

In that year, the ARAA welcomed the newest member:

7. Restaurant Owners Association (Philippines), represented by Mr. Eric Teng, President.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish the ASEAN Restaurant Association (ARAA) was signed on March 21, 2019 during the Restaurant Asia 2019 event in Singapore.

The ASEAN Restaurant Association Alliance operates on the principles of cooperation, sharing, and mutual respect. The ARAA member countries are all committed to developing together, supporting each other in improving culinary quality, preserving traditional culinary cultural values, and simultaneously creating new dishes that are aligned with the development trends of the times, in order to achieve five main missions:

–       Commitment to quality

–       Dedication to education

–       Sensitivity to environment

–       Encouragement of cultural and economic exchange

–       Promote business collaboration amongst the Alliance Members

This is the strong foundation that connects the member associations and is the driving force for development, increasing productivity, and gaining a competitive advantage over the major culinary cultures around the world. 


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