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Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful pistachios from the US have finally arrived in Malaysia in time for the Chinese New Year. The product is distributed by Sangla Foods Sdn Bhd. Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia love to having pistachios during Chinese New Year as pistachios is also known as “Happy Nut” in Mandarin. So, the timing is right for Wonderful to make an appearance in the local market to tap the festive demand.
As a fully-imported product, Wonderful pistachios is priced at the mid-level based on the current promotion price of RM 13.98 per 168g pack. The normal price is about RM 16. US-made Sunkist is is the most premium pistachios in the market.
  Product Gram RM RM/KG
Sunkist In-shell Pistachios Lime & Chilli 150 15.89 105.93
Non-promo Wonderful Pistachios Pepper & Garlic 168 16.00+ 95.24
KISE Salted Pistachios 160 14.50 90.63
Camel Natural Pistachios 150 13.39 89.27
Promo Wonderful Pistachios Pepper & Garlic 168 13.98 83.21
Tai Sun California Pistachios 130 9.40 72.31
Tong Garden Salted Pistachios 180 12.00 66.67
N.O.I. Salted Pistachios 128 8.45 66.02
Store check: Nov-Dec 2013 in Aeon Big, Aeon Supermarket, Econsave & Giant hypermarket/supermarket, KL
Wonderful can clearly differentiate from the pack by making a splash in the market with a red packaging for Chinese New Year instead of having it in the purple-black scheme. The red packaging will make it stand out as a festive gift during Chinese New Year.
By the way, at a promotion price of RM 13.98, it is cheaper than China.  In China, the same product is sold online through Yihaodian.com, the country’s top online supermarket, at a price of RMB 43.9 (RM 23.77). So it is cheaper to buy Wonderful in Malaysia than in China.


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