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No dull moment doing laundry in Malaysia’s self-service laundrettes

24-hour Dobi Express

In Malaysia, express laundries are sprouting like mushroom after the rain. These self-service laundrettes offer a complete solution for storeowners, busy parents, professionals, college students, singles and even migrant workers. The express laundry is not just a place to wash your dirty clothes, it is increasingly becoming a place to sell products and services to ease the boredom.

What this enterprising 24-hour Dobi Express owner did was renting out a space to a stall making cold dessert such as ice kacang and cendol. Inside the coin-operated laundry is a soap vending machine, a beverage vending machine and Woop It!, a pre-paid top up machine, as well as two coin-operated massage chairs.

The owner also takes the opportunity to promote the Kangen water technology, which produces ionised alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis and claims to have curative effects.

If you ever happen to do  laundry in a 24-hour, coin-operated laundry shop, expect your waiting time to be fully occupied by the rich arrays of value-added products and services. Perhaps in the distant future, you will be seeing insurance agents meeting their prospective clients in a coin-operated laundry shop.


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