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7-Eleven Malaysia selling noodles

Image taken at 7-Eleven Plaza Mont Kiara

7-Eleven is working hard to enrich is ready meals offerings. The latest project is called Noodle Station and will be selling Japanese udon and ramen at RM 3.90 each. All the utensils were still in their original plastic packaging at the Plaza Mont Kiara branch on 4 November 2014. The plastic was removed on 5 November 2014 and the new Noodle Station will start operating any time soon.

Apart from Noodle Station, 7-Eleven is selling savouries and fresh-to-go chilled food as well as CP frozen meals. 7-Eleven is moving in the right direction as these initiatives are positive for the margins. Let see if the noodle station gets good reception for the office workers at Plaza Mont Kiara.



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