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Indonesian instant noodle with cheese and milk

Indofood’s Pop Mie latest curry with milk and curry with cheese is a good example of how companies borrow ideas from consumers to create something that is being practiced at home.

Indonesian instant noodle eaters have been cooking instant noodle with milk (mie kuah susu). Here is a screenshot from a Youtube video showing how to make instant noodle with UHT milk.

Some consumers also like to add cheese as a topping.

Now, the two new instant noodles have a new dimension – curry. Consumers can still enjoy milk or cheese with their instant noodle but it now comes with the curry flavour where fiery taste in cherished. In Malaysia, the famous white curry noodle uses non-dairy creamer (coconut milk) and curry paste. Will this curry + milk instant noodle turns into another trend in Indonesia? We will see.


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