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Asian-Born & Italian-Made Gelato Brand, ‘XO-ice’ Introduces A Health Conscious Approach To Desserts In Malaysia


Embodying a wholesome concept of health, XO-ice consists of gelatos that are healthy, low-calorie, and rich in protein

Kuala Lumpur, 30th November 2022 — XO-ice, an Asian-born-Italian-made low-calorie gelato brand, introduces a new approach to desserts serving go-to gelatos for health conscious consumers in Malaysia. Offering great-tasting gelatos with a premium texture, XO-ice prioritises providing consumers the freedom to indulge happily and healthily.

Reconceptualizing the traditional dessert to fit our modern lifestyle, XO-ice offers gelatos that are 70% lower in calories, contain 8 to 9 times less sugar, and 1.4 to 1.9 times more protein than your average ones. The brand also leveraged on Italian gelato-making expertise to achieve its superior and instant ‘spoonability’ texture with strong and mouth-watering flavours so that consumers can devour it straight out of the freezer.

The inspiration behind XO-ice’s arrival in Malaysia stems from the brand’s aim in popularising desserts that contribute to its consumers’ nutritional, physical, mental, and emotional health. With Asia being the source of inspiration for many of the brand’s products, XO-ice wants to position the brand with a mission to offer healthy alternative sweet-treats to health conscious Asian consumers, especially Malaysians, by introducing Asian flavours suited to their palates.

“When we started XO-ice, the main idea was freedom in indulgence. There is something genuinely freeing to be able to eat what you want, savour it and move on with your life. XO-ice is a relatively new category of frozen dessert, and we see our key differentiator as delivering both the smooth texture and structure of gelato, as well as maintaining that high functional performance of low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat and high protein content. We are extremely honoured to be able to share the indulgence with the Malaysian public and hope our consumers love the diverse flavours that come with it. Afterall, our vision in creating a healthy gelato is for people to enjoy but also, live a healthy yet wholesome lifestyle,” said Jennifer Lee, Co-Founder of XO-ice.

 “We are also excited that XO-ice has recently closed a round of funding to support the next stage of development and bring more goodness to our consumers!” added Lee.

As a brand that cares for inclusivity, XO-ice wants to ensure as many of its consumers are able to enjoy its products, hence why it has worked towards being vegetarian, GMO-free, and Halal certified. With that, some of their popular flavours include:

King Don’t Lie Musang King Durian

XO-ice: King Don’t Lie Musang King Durian

A Musang King Durian-flavoured gelato with 25% of the Musang King Durian paste hailing from Malaysia that is 360 calories and contains 28g of protein.

The Coco Carat

XO-ice: The Coco Carat

A coconut-flavoured gelato with hints of caramel sauce that contains coconut from the Philippines that is 300 calories and contains 27g of protein.

Mucho Matcha

XO-ice: Matcha

A matcha-flavoured gelato with matcha powder from Japan that is 303 calories and contains 28g of protein.

Seriously Chocolate

XO-ice: Chocolate

A chocolate-flavoured gelato with cocoa powder from Ecuador that is 255 calories and contains 23g of protein.

Takes-one-to Mango

XO-ice: Mango

A mango-flavoured gelato with Alphonso Mango pulp from India that is 305 calories and contains 28g of protein

Not-so-plain Vanilla

XO-ice: Vanilla

A vanilla-flavoured gelato with vanilla essence from Madagascar that is 333 calories and contains 28g of protein.

Goood Morning Vietnaaam!

A Vietnamese drip coffee-flavoured gelato with hints of chocolate chips that contains coffee from Vietnam and is 350 calories, containing 25g of protein.

For those dessert-lovers craving to get a taste of XO-ice’s gelatos, they are available in your local grocery stores such as AEON, Mercato, JUSCO, Ampang Grocers, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Bilabila Mart, Cold Storage, Isetan, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, and many others.

Apart from their current distinctive gelatos, consumers can expect constant development of newer ones in the future. A few upcoming flavours include Gingerly Chocolate, as well as dairy-free La Vie en Pink and Mango Goes Coco, and many more in-the-making.

For more information and updates, visit XO-ice on Instagram, Facebook, or website.

About XO-ice

It’s really simple. XO-ice wants each spoonful to feel like the huggiest ice cream you could have. Their gelatos are designed by a wonder brain, and made by masters of the craft in Veneto, Italy. They unearthed ingredients from Asia and beyond, for that richness in flavour and texture.

Age-old technique, modern adaptation. East & West. Not just in the head. XO-ice is here for that burst of happiness, spoonful after spoonful.

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