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Stonyfield yogurt comes to Malaysia

Stonyfield yogurt range is now available in Malaysia. The range was seen at Cold Storage at the Ikano Power Centre, the same building as IKEA. Stonyfield is exclusive to Cold Storage and is not seen in the other premium supermarkets.

Ounce RM Format
Stonyfield Oh My Yog! 6.0 9.99 Cup
Stonyfied Greek 0% Fat 5.3 11.99 Cup
Stonyfield Greek and Chia Blueberry 5.3 11.99 Cup
Stonyfield Smooth & Creamy Organic Fat Free 6.0 8.99 Cup
Stonyfield Organic Yotot 3.7 8.99 Pouch
Stonyfield Yokids Squeeze 3.7 8.99 Pouch
Stonyfield Smoothie Strawberry 10 13.99 Plastic bottle

Source: Store check at Cold Storage, June 2015

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