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From India with love: Cadbury Five Star arrives in Southeast Asia

Cadbury Five Star, the new caramel chew bar, has been officially launched in Malaysia. Five Star was first introduced in India in 1969. It comes with layered chocolate, caramel and nougat.
According to Mondelez International  Inc. category director for chocolate in Southeast Asia, Ben Summons, “Chewy caramel bar is very popular worldwide, but it is not very big in Malaysia.” The company also disclosed its chocolate market share in Malaysia at 22% in 2015, making Mondelez the market share leader in chocolate.
The following pricing data and product availability comes from Malaysiafoodie.com

Cadbury 5 Star comes in three snacking options:
‒      45g bar (RRP RM2.90)
‒      150g (10 bar x 15g) sharepack (RRP RM9.90)
‒      15g bar (RRP RM1.00)

Five price

“The first two options are available at all major hypermarket, supermarket and convenience retail stores, while the last option is available at provision retail stores nationwide from May 2016 onwards.”

Image taken at Mydin, May 2016
Image taken at Mydin, May 2016
Malaysia and the Philippines are the first two countries in Southeast Asia for the launch of Cadbury Five Star.
The interesting thing about Cadbury 5 Star for the Malaysia market is the size of the individual bar. It is a much bigger 15g for the Malaysia market versus 10.5g for India. The 10.5g Cadbury 5 Star was really tiny when I first saw it in India in 2015. The smaller pack size is designed to suit the buying power of local consumers in India.
The other observation is Cadbury 5 Star comes with a better price point compared to Cadbury Boost in the same caramel chew bar category. The made-in-Australia Boost is priced at RM 4.70 (60g), while the made-in-India Cadbury 5 Star is priced at RM 3.60 (45g). On a per unit basis, Boost is actually slightly cheaper (RM 7.8/KG) compared with 5 Star (RM 8/KG).
5star boost


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