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Coca-Cola China embraces slim can

Slim can packaging is becoming a trend. Coca-Cola China has started introducing slim can for Coke Zero, Coke Light and Schweppes C+ (怡泉+C) in April 2015. The slim can will be replacing the existing cans, which are wider. The volume will be unchanged at 330ml.


The beverage giant describes the move as joining the slimming fad to introduce a modern can that is tall and slim citing the example of the current trend by Chines women of using iPhone 6 to prove how slim they are.

slim leg

The target audience of the slim can is the 25-39-year-olds with an aim to craft a high-end image for carbonated soft drinks, said Cofco Coca-Cola. The company also introduced a six-pack option for the slim cans.

Coca-Cola’s Aquarius (水动乐) sports drink now in PET bottle has also joined the slim can family in China. The new 310ml can comes with the orange and peach flavours.

aquarious china

In Malaysia, Coca-Cola’s Heaven and Earth has rolled out a new slim can. All the Coca-Cola range in Malaysia now comes with the slim can option.

Heaven Earth Malaysia

Unlike China, there is no marketing or hype surrounding the introducing of slimline can in Malaysia, which is a lost opportunity for Coca-Cola Malaysia.


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