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Bridging the divide between calorie surplus & deficit: Fitbar

Indonesia is a country labelled as lower middle income by the World Bank with a fast rising middle class but one-tenth of the population still lives in poverty. According to World Bank data, 11.3% of the population was below the poverty line in 2014, an improvement from 13.3% in 2010. Children living in poverty areas suffer from stunted growth due to chronic malnutrition.

From http://www.fitbardonorkalori.com/id
From http://www.fitbardonorkalori.com/id

To narrow the gap between the well-to-dos and the poor, Kalbe Farma’s snack bar brand Fibar held a calorie donation campaign for two months (March-April 2016). Over 10 million calories were collected from those with calories to spare through physical activities. The data was collected from participants’ smartphone apps (Nike+, Custom Fit, My Fitness Pal) and smart watches.

A total of IDR IDR 500,000 (USD 37,700) was raised for Yayasan Sahabat Anak, a charity organisation in support of marginalised children.

The campaign not only demonstrates how exercise, shedding the extra pounds, can contribute to a good cause, it also puts the Fitbar brand positively in the eyes of consumers.

Here is the ad of the ‘two sides of Indonesia’ by Fitbar created for the campaign.



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