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Wonda Extra Presso gives the extra kick minus the sugar, Calpis in Tetra Pak

The Wonda Coffee range has a new family member – Extra Presso. Extra Presso is a signature brew and is available in the Malaysian market since December 2016.

Lowest sugar and stronger taste

What strikes me most about this Wonda Extra Presso is the level of sweetness. Apparently, Wonda Extra Presso has the lowest sugar content in the Wonda Coffee family with 14.2g of total sugar per 240ml. It also has a bitter dark taste developed for consumers seeking a stronger taste, according to the press release by Asahi Group Holdings, the parent company of Etika Group of Companies.

Wonda Coffee sales rose 183%

The same press release mentions sales of Wonda Coffee in Malaysia during the first 10 months of 2016 surged 183% year-on-year in terms of volume. This comes on the heels of the creative marketing by the Wonda Coffee team in the past years. The company plans to grow the sales of the Wonda brand by double-digit in 2017.

Calpis available in Tetra Pak

Interestingly, the press release also reveals Calpis, the cultured milk drink, is available in the Tetra Pak format since September 2016 targeting at schools and traditional stores.

What Mini Me thinks

The stronger taste and lower sugar content of Wonda Extra Presso shows Wonda Coffee is moving towards becoming more attune to the taste profile of sophisticated coffee drinkers. The new variant also expands the consumer base to include consumers who prefer a nice balance in the sweetness in their coffee in part to adjust to the growing health-consciousness of Malaysian consumers.


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