Home Country China D24 durian featured in Mengniu yoghurt in China

D24 durian featured in Mengniu yoghurt in China

The Chinese dairy company Mengniu has recently unveiled the new Deluxe Milk (特仑苏) spoonable yoghurt in China. This also marks the brand extension of Deluxe Milk from high-end UHT liquid milk to the spoonable yoghurt segment.

The 115g Deluxe spoonable yoghurt comes in two variants – plain and durian. The high quality milk is sourced from China and the yogurt contains the Streptococcus thermophilus strain CNCM I-2980. The durian comes from the D24 variant (苏丹王榴莲) from Malaysia.

What Mini Me thinks

Pizza Hut durian pizza made from imported durian. Image above from the web

In China, consumers are already eating yogurt and pizza added with durian as a topping. What is significant about the new Deluxe spoonable yoghurt with durian flavour is that durian can potentially become a new flavour for packaged yoghurt going forward.



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