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Nutri Boost By Coca-Cola Lifts Your Day With the Irresistible Great Taste Of Milk And Juice

Nutri Boost™ comes in orange and strawberry flavours, fortified with Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E as well as minerals Zinc and Calcium.

16 October 2018

Coca-Cola has unveiled Nutri Boost™, a new innovative drink that combines the world’s best milk from New Zealand and real fruit juice in a convenient, ready to drink “milk + juice drink”, which is now available in Malaysia.

Available in orange and strawberry flavours, the Halal certified milk and juice drink is fortified with Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E as well as minerals Zinc and Calcium.

Nutri Boost™ will be available nationwide, sold in 250 ml bottles at a recommended retail price of RM2.50.

“Our commitment is to always give people more of the drinks and experiences they want to make their everyday moments more enjoyable. According to our consumer research, there is an unmet need from consumers who are looking for something that gives the benefits of milk but that is also tasty and refreshing like juice. That’s why we’ve created Nutri Boost™,” said Country Manager of Coca-Cola Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Ahmed Yehia.

“We believe that Nutri Boost™ is an interesting, delicious and refreshing way to fuel up with and drink anytime of the day, especially when a quick and tasty energy boost is needed. The real fruit juice adds delicious refreshment while the vitamins supplement the diet our hectic lifestyles require to keep going throughout the day,” said Ahmed Yehia.

In conjunction with the launch, Coca-Cola Malaysia is teaming up with music recognition app Shazam, allowing consumers to easily redeem a free bottle of Nutri Boost™ with every scan of audio or visual cues from the brand’s communications.

“Shazam campaigns are usually utilised to drive engagement or brand awareness. This is the first campaign with Shazam that drive product redemption through driving traffic in-store in ASEAN region. What we are seeing here is also the largest scale of touchpoint-integration with Shazam platform in ASEAN markets to maximise the closing of our purchase loop,” said Lim Kean Yew, Integrated Marketing Communications Director.

By simply scanning any ad bearing the Shazam cues from Nutri Boost™, consumers can input their name and mobile number to retrieve their unique codes. These can be easily exchanged at the nearest MyNews.com outlet.

“It is great to be working with both Coca-Cola and Mediacom for our first redemption campaign in the Malaysian market. We are excited to be able to execute a campaign that allows consumers to access a free Nutri Boost™ by Shazaming any of the consumer touch points associated with the campaign. By coupling ease of access to content with an engaging mobile experience, we hope to provide the Nutri Boost™ brand with a simple and effective way to drive sampling and product redemption,” said Steve Sos, Managing Director, Shazam.

Nutri Boost™ will be produced in the Coca-Cola manufacturing plant at the Bandar Enstek Halal Park.

“While the brand Coca-Cola will always be the heart and soul of The Coca-Cola Company, we are also investing in beverage categories consumers want and Nutri Boost™ is an example of how The Coca-Cola Company is evolving to become a total beverage company. That includes understanding changing consumer tastes and bringing consumer-centric brands to the market,” said Ahmed Yehia.


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