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Mytea finds inspiration from Teh Poci

Image from Suntory Garudafood

Mytea, the RTD tea brand of Suntory Garudafood, has introduced Mytea Teh Poci Oolong, which is inspired by the Indonesian teh poci. Teh poci or black tea in a teapot, comes from Tegal, Central Java, home to the famous teh poci producer Tong Tji. Teh poci is usually brewed in a teapot made from clay and sweetened with rock sugar.

Mytea Teh Poci essentially turns teh poci into a tea that is ready to drink with the “Ini Teh Pociku” slogan or “This is my Teh Poci” that matches the product’s inherent quality.

Without breaking down into sub-categories, PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya is experiencing a decline in the turnover of its beverage division with revenue falling from IDR 1.8 trillion in 2015 to IDR 1.68 trillion in 2016 and subsequently to IDR 1.16 trillion in 2017. Its beverage division includes brands like Super O2, Okky Jelly Drink, Koko Drink, Mountea, Mytea and Goodmood.

The new Mytea Teh Poci will likely play a leading role to bring growth back to the beverage business.


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