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Start stronger with Dutch Lady +Protein milk drink

Image from Dutch Lady

FrieslandCampina has brought its Protein + ready-to-drink (RTD) milk concept from Vietnam into Malaysia. Dutch Lady Protein+ made its maiden debut in Vietnam in 2018 and said to have the highest protein content in the local market.

The new product has 4.1g of protein per 100ml. A recommended serving of two packs of Dutch Lady +Protein a day helps supply 14.8 grams of protein, equivalent to about 40% of the Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the protein in the Dutch Lady +Protein is described as the ingredient for the building of strong muscle, which is the same approach used in Vietnam.

Based on talks with a trade insider in Vietnam, the concept of protein in Vietnam is still underdeveloped as Vietnamese consumers are more into the benefit of calcium for stronger bones, which would lead to a taller body. Dairy brands from Vietnam to Indonesia have fully exploited the merit of being tall as an indicator of a well nourish body thus helping young consumers to gain an advantage in life.

In a more matured market like Malaysia, protein might work as consumers now wanted more from their milk. Fonterra is already promoting healthy muscles, joints and bones for improved mobility through its Anlene MoveMax formulation. It is important to understand Malaysian consumers’ motivation for high protein whether it is for satiety, weight loss, muscle or energy so that more high-protein foods can be launched in the market.


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