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NONA, launches A new Range of ketupats to add variety to Ramadan-Raya this year!

Helping You Whip Up a Feast, Like a Breeze

Kuala Lumpur, April 1, 2019 – Ramadan and Raya are the season of Muslim Malay food and kuih galore. As this festive season is just around the corner, families will be busy bustling with ladles and pots. However, as time progresses, Malaysians are on a constant look-out for a cooking-solution that could avail them in spending more time with families and friends rather than in the kitchen or running around town shopping for various must-haves.

One of the most iconic Ramadan and Raya food is ketupat. Traditionally, ketupat requires weaving skills which is intricate and will take about 4 hours to completely cook. NONA, our local food manufacturer is proud to have one of the longest histories in producing convenient and healthy Ketupat in the world.  Not only has it the widest range of Ketupat products, but it is also the innovator of convenient Ketupat Mini, Ketupat Lemang, Ketupat Palas, and Ketupat Nasi Dagang. And now, the two newest innovation to the ketupat family are Ketupat Palas Durian and Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam.

This year, Raya will be in June and that coincides with the durian season.  Instead of having to choose between the must-have ketupat and durian, consumers can now have best of both world together.

“We understand the amount of time and effort that goes into making meals for sahur and iftar, hence NONA offers a cooking solution that makes whipping up a feast in the kitchen, faster and easier!” according to William Wee, Brand Manager (Nona) of Sri Nona Industries Sdn Bhd.

“Especially on Hari Raya, mothers become too excited and will prepare elaborate spread of meals which will definitely take up most of their time. NONA is a convenient way to cut down preparation time needed for delicious food while still cooking it with love. We want your Hari Raya to be more memorable. Spend more time decorating the house with your loved ones and catching up with old friends,” added William.

NONA, one of Malaysia’s favourite household food brands that offers generations of consumer favourites since 1975,  continues to make your Ramadan and Raya cooking more interesting and less taxing. From family’s Sahur, Iftar to Raya’s feast, the Halal certified NONA products has been and still is providing at dining tables of our Muslim brethren and sisters.

The full range of NONA Ketupat:-

Ketupat Mini (600g)
Ketupat Economy (780g)
Ketupat Mini (200g)
Ketupat Economy (260g)
Ketupat Mini 100s (1.9kg)
Ketupat Palas (22g)
Ketupat Palas Durian (22g)
Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam (250g)
Ketupat Nasi Dagang (440g)
Ketupat Lemang (310g)

About Sri Nona Industries Sdn Bhd

Sri Nona was established since 1975 as a trading company. During its early years it operated as a small-scale manufacturer and subsequently in 1988 successfully expanded into a food manufacturer with Halal certification till today. With the vision to fulfil the local taste, the R&D and Production team of Sri Nona strived hard to produce products that meets consumer’s expectation.  The main products of Sri Nona are rice cake (Ketupat), oyster sauce, ginger drinks, dessert range and many more. Sri Nona also managed to penetrate into international markets with the collaboration with MATRADE. Sri Nona endeavours to be the preferred brand delivering quality products to all Malaysian household.  For more information, www.nona.com.my.


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