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Carlsberg Toasts to 2020 with "Double Cheers, Double Winnings"

Be rewarded this Chinese New Year with a limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, a 3-in-1 Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar with built-in fridge, speaker and charger, premium-designed stem glass and more!

Shah Alam, 23 December 2019 – In Chinese culture, the number 2 is auspicious as it is believed that good things come in pairs. To usher Chinese New Year in the year 2020, beer lovers can anticipate great rewards following Carlsberg’s CNY tagline “Double Cheers. Double Winnings.”, inspired by the auspicious and unique occurrence of the year 2020!

Carlsberg’s CNY 2020 masthead craftily adapts the creative illustration of fish <鱼> depicting abundance 年年有余, and lion dance to signify good luck and prosperity in beautifully crafted symmetry via the art of red paper cutting. This symbolic yet auspicious distinctive art is featured on all Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles and cans for a limited time only this CNY!

Carlsberg’s “Double Cheers, Double Winnings” CNY consumer promotion runs from 16 Dec 2019 to 9 Feb 2020 across participating outlets nationwide. The campaign aims to excite consumers and shoppers with great rewards and exclusive prizes, coupled with an additional chance of winning a limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg CNY bottle! Exclusive this festive period only, Carlsberg is rewarding more than 2,000 lucky beer lovers a magnificent 3-litre Carlsberg bottle that is bound to keep conversations buzzing among family and friends this CNY!

For purchases of Carlsberg (640ml) or Carlsberg Smooth Draught (580ml) big bottles at participating coffee shops, food courts, modern bars and restaurants, check underneath the bottle caps each time you pop a bottle! Stand to win the 1st prize of a 3-litre Carlsberg bottle; the 2nd prize of an RM88 cash ang pau or collect three (3) bottle caps to redeem a FREE deck of Carlsberg playing cards.

Grab and go purchases of RM20 and above of Carlsberg Malaysia products at participating convenience stores will entitle you to weekly draws with chances to win a Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar or a 1664 Blanc Mini Chiller. The Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar boasts a modernistic design of a table equipped with a built-in fridge and is fitted with Bluetooth speaker and USB charger functionalities!

For off-the-shelf purchases at participating supermarkets, you too can stand a chance to proudly own the limited-edition 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, win RM800 worth of groceries all paid for by Carlsberg, redeem Carlsberg’s elegant and sleek glassware and more!

Back by popular demand is Carlsberg’s Probably The Best CNY Shopping Experience where shoppers stand to win Grand Prizes of RM800 worth of groceries all paid for by Carlsberg! It’s a chance you want to grab for every purchase of two (2) cartons of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught and an additional one (1) carton of 1664 Blanc, Somersby or Asahi to be eligible. Scheduled to be held on 28 & 29 Dec and 4, 5, 10 & 11 Jan across participating super and hypermarkets nationwide like AEON, AEON BiG, Giant, Tesco, Billion, TF Value and City Grocer, you too can stand to win prizes including beers and more!

With family gatherings and reunions this CNY, Carlsberg rewards you with exclusive Carlsberg and 1664 Blanc glassware for that perfect serve and enjoyment for purchases from participating super and hypermarkets. Gaining attention for its sleek and contemporary design since the rebranding of Carlsberg’s new look in July, you too can own a FREE 4-glass set of the Carlsberg premium stem glass.

Simply purchase any two (2) cartons of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught and another two (2) cartons of 1664 Blanc, Somersby or Asahi and redeem at Carlsberg 300ml stem glass. Wheat beer lovers of 1664 Blanc can redeem a 1664 Blanc glassware when they purchase six sets of 1664 Blanc, Somersby or Asahi 4-can OR 4-bottle packs can 4-can pack.

Double your rewards and get lucky as you can stand a chance to win the 3-litre Carlsberg bottle when you snap a photo of your receipt and answer a simple question. This promotion is eligible at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as e-commerce promotions on Carlsberg’s official Shopee store!

For instant beer enjoyment at modern pubs, bars and restaurants, get your hands on the limitededition Carlsberg playing cards for every promotional purchase of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught. Doubling up the reward, get lucky and stand to win the limited-edition 3-litre Carlsberg bottle when you send in your receipt and answer a simple question via WhatsApp too!

Here’s to “Double Cheers. Double Winnings.” with Carlsberg when shopping or enjoying even better moments with friends and family this festive season. Don’t miss the chance of winning a 3-litre Carlsberg bottle that will surely be talks during family reunion dinners and your social media feed! Stay tuned as Carlsberg will also be spreading the festivities at your hometowns in Central, Northern and Southern regions as well as East Malaysia in both Sabah and Sarawak.

For more information on all ongoing CNY promotions or events, visit www.probablythebest.com.my or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY.


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