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C-vitt celebrates ten years of success Marketing to tap into the Millennial market

Monday 28 March 2022 – C-vitt celebrates its success as a leader in the Vitamin C drink market, with more than 1.2 billion bottles sold in the past decade. Showcasing a 200% Vitamin C drink with great taste that is easy to drink and familiar taste to Thais, the brand is riding a wave of Work-Life Balance trends and stepping up its 2022 marketing campaign to tap into the Millennial generation. Through Data-Driven Marketing strategies, C-vitt plans to introduce new packaging designs, new product lines, and add more distribution channels. In addition, the no.1 Vitamin C drink brand will conduct customer loyalty programs, online and on-ground activities in the Thai market to promote a Healthy Body & Mind society.

Mr. Chihiro Kurata, CEO of House Wellness Foods (Japan), the company that researched and developed C-vitt, said that “C-vitt is developed from C1000, the vitamin c beverage which has been popular in Japan including former brand of vitamin drink, the company has more than 60 years experiences as a pioneer vitamin c drink. In Thailand, C-vitt has been the key player in the functional drink market over the past 10 years. It’s recognized as the first brand in the country that developed and introduced a 200% Vitamin C drink to serve health-conscious consumers. Through the Research and Development activities, C-vitt delivers the product with great taste, easy to drink, and familiar taste to Thais. As a result, C-vitt continues to hold the number one position in the Vitamin C drink market. Out of the total market value of 4.5 billion baht in 2021, C-vitt occupied a 59.4% market share

Meanwhile, as consumers have become so active in finding information nowadays, only brands focusing on quality and never-ending development will survive. Like C-vitt, the brand continues to focus on R&D activities to ensure product quality and keep up with the Japanese brand standards. Furthermore, C-vitt continues developing and introducing new products under the concept that promotes a Healthy Body & Mind to consumers. These efforts make C-vitt remains in demand among Thai consumers. The company has sold more than 1.2 billion bottles in the past 10 years. Building on this success, C-vitt is stepping forward with strategic plans to grow the brand and tapping into opportunities in ASEAN countries – emerging markets that present high potential and strong demand for consumer products, with our values to create healthy society.

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, Chief Executive Officer of Osotspa Public Company Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of C-vitt in Thailand, said, “Osotspa produces and uses our strong distribution channels network nationwide to build growth in Thailand for C-vitt over the past 10 years. Beside unique flavor, consumer understanding and the ability to serve their demand, the high-standard manufacturing process and product quality are the major factors that make C-vitt become the leader in the vitamin C drink market in Thailand. In 2022, Osotspa sees the big changes in consumer behaviors. The consumers focus more on their work-life balances. They especially pay closer attention to their health and well-being due to many factors influencing health, such as PM 2.5 pollution and the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the Company is stepping up with a full-scale marketing plan with a goal of promoting a Healthy Body & Mind for Thais. Also, the brand will expand sales channels to reach more customers. Besides convenience stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and shops, C-vitt is expanding its online sales so that it is more convenient for consumers to buy and have the products shipped to their home.”

Mr. Osamu Soma, President of House Osotspa Foods Co., Ltd, the license owner of the C-vitt brand responsible for marketing campaigns in Thailand, said that “We are implementing Data-Driven Marketing strategies, utilizing customer insights to conduct marketing activities, communicate with our customers, and introduce new products to the market. It includes new packaging designs and new product lines that will be launched in the near future.

In addition, to celebrate the 10 years of success and show our gratitude to the Thais consumers, we are conducting a Customer Relationship Management campaign to strengthen relationships with our current and new customers via online and on-ground platforms. Key activities which will be conducted online include Healthy Online Community that encourages customers to share and exchange health information, and other activities on C-vitt Line Official Account. Also, when the situation of the COVID-19 improves, we will conduct a series of on-ground activities to promote a Healthy Body & Mind society.”

“With initiatives in our marketing plan, we project that C-vitt will continue to secure no.1 ranking in Vitamin C drink market and able to see our market share grows to 65% in 2022. We are also confident that C-vitt will continue to remain at the top of customers’ minds in the next 10 years,” added Mr. Osamu Soma.




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