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Nestea teaches consumers how to make DIY milk tea

Packaged drink company is striking back and are doing what they can to lure consumers from the ever popular milk tea from milk tea shops. In the Philippines, Nestea introduced the concept of DIY milk tea around March 2019. It showcases how its Nestea Milk Tea Taro and Nestea Milk Tea Wintermelon flavored powdered drink mixes can be used to create affordable milk teas that mimic the popular milk teas from milk tea outlets.

This DIY concept is not new. A person by the name Ralph Ting has already posted on social media on how to use Nestea Milk Tea products to create the ultimate#TEApid hacks back in 2017. He claimed consumers could save “up to 89% of their money” from buying identical drink (aka milk tea) from the market.

Fast forward to 2019, Nestea’s DIY milk tea looks simple but one needs to have all the ingredients including tapioca pearls ready to create the milk tea that they want.

Milk tea with brown sugar pearls
Milk tea with pearls and ice cream


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