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Loved by Millennials, The Newly Launched Mie Sedaap Fried Noodle with Korean Spicy Chicken flavour Sold Out in the Market

Image from Mie Sedaap

Jakarta, August 9th, 2019 – Mie Sedaap, an instant noodle product from Wings Food recently released a new variant from their Mie Sedaap Selection line called Mie Sedaap Fried Noodle with Korean Spicy Chicken. The product was first introduced on July at the biggest annual summer festival in Indonesia, We The Fest (WTF) 2019. The new variant immediately immediately attracted attention and was greeted positively with enthusiasm, especially by millennial and KPop fans. This Korean-style instant noodle was sold out just a week after it was released.

“The Korean lifestyle trend is on the rise in Indonesia. Their culinary delights are enjoyed by everyone! Not only by KPop fans, but by older demographics too. This inspired us to bring our Korean Spicy Chicken flavour to Indonesian market. We want to continue innovating and fulfilling the needs of Indonesian people. Our philosophy is that we believe that all good things in life should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, in terms of pricing, we have made this product very affordable. We are very proud that our product has been received positively by our customers, in such a short amount of time! Our factory actually had to increase its production due to the increase in demand,” said Mita Ardiani, Senior Brand Manager Mie Sedaap.

Mie Sedaap is well-known for its chewy texture as well as the unique and delicious taste. “For Mie Sedaap Fried Noodle with Korean Spicy Chicken flavour, we’ve maintained the chewy consistency, but have wider noodle texture which one commonly found in most Korean noodles. We’ve also complemented this product with extra fried onions and chili powder. Which you can adjust to your liking. For us, innovation is one of the key to success in leading the instant noodle market,” added Ardiani.

These new innovations from Mie Sedaap have received positive responses by Indonesian customers. Many people have been hunting for the product due to its strong social media presence. Several vloggers have been reviewing the product. Most of them praise the noodle’s texture as well as the spicy taste. “I first tried Mie Sedaap’s Korean Spicy Chicken at WTF and I absolutely loved it! It tastes really Korean! The noodles are more chewy than other instant noodles and the spiciness is really great! For those who like it spicy, you have to try this new variant,” said Michelle Hendra, one of the insta-celebrity and #sedaapsquad team.

Mie Sedaap Fried Noodle with Korean Spicy Chicken is the first instant noodle in Indonesia with spiciness level that can be adjusted. It is suitable for all Indonesian tongues, especially spicy food lovers. You can choose your spiciness level for yourself by pouring 1 pack of chilli powder to get comfortably spicy taste or pouring 2 packs of chili powder to try the insanely spicy sensation. Get your Mie Sedaap Fried Noodle with Korean Spicy Chicken at the nearest mini market or supermarket for only Rp2,500, -. For more information, check Instagram @miesedaapid.

About Wings Food

Wings Food is food and beverage product arm of Wings Group. It is known for its home care, fabric care, and personal care products. Established in 2003, Wings Food products cover four main categories: food (Mie Sedaap, Mie Sedaap Cup, Kecap Sedaap, and Minyak Sedaap), coffee (TOP Coffee), ready to drink beverages (The Rio, Ale Ale, Floridina, Power F, and Teh Javana), and powdered drinks (Jas Jus, Segar Dingin, Tea Jus, and Milk Jus). As a national company that also internationally exports its products, Wings Food is dedicated to providing quality products with affordable prices that are in line with the company’s vision.


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