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Brahim’s enters ready-to-eat porridge segment

Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd, the maker of Brahim’s, Malaysia’s leading ready-to-eat (RTE) meal, has launched RTE porridge. Available in two variants – Chicken Rice Porridge (Bubur Ayam) and Savoury Rice Porridge (Bubur Lambuk), the porridge series comes in a retort pack that is microweable and is ready to eat in 1 minute.

The halal-certified porridge does not contain preservatives and is low in calorie. The 250g pack is suitable for one person.

Brahim’s Bubur Lambuk (153kcal) contains meat pieces, potato, carrot and wild betel, while Brahim’s Bubur Ayam (158kcal) is made with chicken pieces, carrot and spring onion.

The porridge is currently showcased at Halfest JAKIM 2019, Malaysia’s largest halal food and beverage expo (4-8 September 2019).

Brahim’s Bubur Lambuk ais available for purchase on Shopee at a discounted price of RM 5.5 per pack (normal price RM 5.90). Brahim’s Bubur Ayam has the same price and can be bought on Shopee too at RM 5.5 per pack.

In our opinion, the next phase of Brahim’s entry into the RTE porridge segment is to tap the baby food market with RTE porridge suitable for infant aged 6 months and above. Such products are already available in Vietnam.


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