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G-Beat is the new energy drink for gamers in Thailand

Beat The World Co Ltd has launched G-Beat, a new energy drink for gamers in Thailand. G-Beat addresses current health concerns around sugar and caffeine by formulating without sugar and the use of natural caffeine. The energy drink is also fortified with vitamin A imported from Switzerland to promote better eyesight and vitamin B complex that acts as a brain booster. Vitamin A is crucial when targeting gamers who spend long hours on their digital devices.

G-Beat has a large addressable market in Thailand to tap into. According to Beat The World, there are 28 million active gamers in Thailand, putting the country as having the largest number of active gamers in the Southeast Asia region.

G-Beat currently comes in two flavours Apple Booster and Bubble Gum.

Acer’s PredatorShot is G-Beat’s top contender in the energy drink space aiming at gamers.


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