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Wonda Booster offers 2x coffee shot for those who want to boost their day

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In Malaysia, Wonda is back with an RTD coffee offering 2x coffee shot. The new Wonda Booster, rides on the highly caffeinated trend in the RTD coffee space. Consumers want energy and they demand more of it. A single shot of espresso is no longer sufficient as a wake-me-up for some consumers.

Rival Starbucks has earlier introduced Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso in Malaysia in May 2019. In the US, Starbucks is blurring the line even further with energy drink with Starbucks Tripleshot Energy – a fast-acting, hard-hitting energy coffee drink that offers the extra strength of 225mg of caffeine. Large amount of caffeine can also be consumed through the shot format. In the US, the Forto RTD coffee shots delivers 200mg of caffeine in a 60ml bottle.

In Malaysia, we have not yet reached the super caffeinated territory yet but consumers who want to receive double the strength from their coffee drink can opt for the new Wonda Booster, which is available in two flavours Milk Coffee and Black Coffee. The promotion price is RM 2.80 per can at 7-Eleven Malaysia until 30 December 2019.

Both Wonda Booster Milk Coffee and Black Coffee offer 148.2mg of caffeine per 240ml can.

The sugar content in Wonda Booster Black Coffee is 5g/100ml, while Wonda Booster Milk Coffee has a slightly lower sugar content at 4.2g/100ml.


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