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Sowing Seeds for Sustainability

The community of Pertubuhan Amal & Kebajikan Anak-anak Islam Tersisih Selangor and volunteers from 7-Eleven Malaysia and NGOHub Asia after planting trees

Klang, 20 December 2019 – 7-Eleven Malaysia, the nation’s favourite and largest convenience chain store in collaboration with its start-up, NGOHub Asia recently organized an activity for the underprivileged children of Pertubuhan Amal & Kebajikan Anak2 Islam Tersisih Selangor (PAKATS) to plant vegetations and fruits in the organization’s compound.

Liana Jamal, the manager and caretaker of PAKATS has been managing the centre since 2014, providing shelter and care for underprivileged children. The centre first began with 4 orphans and now has grown to shelter 12 boys and girls aged between 3 to 16 years old with various needs.

Located in Kapar, the event took place on a sunny afternoon and started off with a briefing session to the participants on the various types of trees that will be planted and the gardening tools necessary for the activity. The participants spent the afternoon tilling the fertile land and planting the seedlings together. Among the seedlings planted were mangoes, longans, rambutans, pandan, chilli, lemongrass and many more. The children enjoyed gardening and did not mind getting their hands dirty in the outdoors to rake and dig holes to place the seedlings with the help of the adult volunteers. The event concluded with distribution of 7-Eleven goodie bags which included snacks, beverage and soft toys to the children as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

Ronan Lee, 7-Eleven Malaysia General Manager of Marketing said, “Through this tree-planting project, we hope the PAKATS community will be able to adapt a self-sustaining environment into their living space. Our aim is to provide opportunities for the community to grow their fruits of labour that can be used as a mean of extra income, besides imparting valuable life skills for a better quality of life. Through this activity, we also hope to teach the children on the importance of being resourceful that they can carry into their future.”

Liana Jamal encourages the public to support PAKATS through financial or in-kind contributions and volunteering. Interested party may contact Liana Jamal at elinjamal.pakats@gmail.com  or call +019-200 8375.

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