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New Omachi premium instant noodle with 60g of real beef

With consumers staying away from restaurants and eating out, Masan Group’s Omachi premium instant noodle brand has unveiled a new bowl instant noodle featuring vegetables and 60g of real beef for a price of VND 25,000 (USD 1). This one dollar breakfast meal offers both convenience and nutrition ideal for young consumers who tend to skip breakfast.

Masan is the second player in the instant noodle market in Vietnam with Acecook still taking the lead. According to Masan 2019 annual report, “for the last 3 years, Masan has focused on premiumising this category by introducing value-added ready to-eat (RTE) meals under the Omachi brand.” The report mentions “by combining its seasonings market leader brand Chinsu, innovations in premium noodles and a strong nutritional platform (Ponnie, Heo Cao Boi), Masan has introduced multiple RTE products with varied taste profiles”. Convenience foods delivered 7.2% revenue growth in 2019 vs 2018, due to 25.2% growth in premium portfolio.

Omachi has previously launched Omachi 102 beef noodle with pickled vegetable, which resembles the local version of the pickled vegetable beef noodle popular in China.


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