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Gordon Donuts & Coffee launches RTD coffee oatmilk

In Indonesia, Gordon Donuts & Coffee, known for its gourmet donuts and coffee, has unveiled bottled coffee oatmilk (kopi susu oat botolan) at IDR 148,000 per unit. The bottled drink is made from Minor Figures oat milk and is aimed at consumers who want the goodness of plant-based milk, a trending concept at the moment.

The 1 litre take-home pack is safe for vegan but has to be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days. Users can request the sugar level at 80%, 50% or 0%.

Apart from bottled coffee oatmilk, Gordon Donuts & Coffee other ready-to-drink options include bottled coffee almond mylk (kopi susu almond botolan) at IDR 98,000, bottled cocoa milk (cokelat botolan) at IDR 98,000, bottled black coffee (kopi hitam botolan) at IDR 78,000 and bottled coffee milk (kopi susu botolan) at IDR 78,000. The bottled coffee milk is made from a blend of robusta beans, fresh milk, and organic aren sugar.

All the RTDs come in one litre format and can be purchased on Tokopedia.


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