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Mansome Mojito rides the mindful drinking trend

Image from TC Pharmaceutical Industries (Mansome)

The Mansome functional drink for men by Thailand’s TC Pharmaceutical Industries is riding the mindful drinking trend with the new Mansome drink in mojito flavour. The new Mansome Mojito with zinc and L-arginine offers an adult sophisticated flavour targeting consumers who want to refresh themselves without resorting to alcohol.

According to the press release, “the new flavor offers the special fresh taste of the Havana-style classic mocktail, coming with health benefits from L-arginine, which boosts fitness, and contains 120% RDA of zinc, which nourishes skin.”

Mansome Mojito is also a “transportive drink” featuring an exotic flavour that brings consumers on a taste journey to Cuba’s Havana without having to be physically there. A lot of beverage and food products have tapped into the appeal of sakura to achieve the same result.

“Mansome Mojito is a drink designed for men aged 18 to 35. They usually look for non-alcoholic drinks that freshen up their daily lives, while providing them with ingredients that are beneficial to health and can boost their strength. We can say ‘Mansome Mojito’ is a product that truly satisfies the demands of our target group,” added Mr. Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group’s Global Marketing Division Director.

Mansome Mojito can potentially target the Chinese-speaking markets to capitalise on consumer growing interest in mojito after the Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou launched its latest new single Mojito in early June 2020. The music video was shot in Havana.


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