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F&N goes the carton way

In line with consumer growing interest in sustainable packaging, F&N in Malaysia has introduced F&N Ice Mountain Drinking Water in sustainable and recyclable paper carton. The carton uses bio-based cap made from sugar cane. The drinking water in carton gives consumers the option to stay hydrated in a new and environmentally sounder way.

The F&N Ice Mountain Drinking Water uses Tetra Pak Tetra Prisma Aseptic. At 7-Eleven, this drink is priced at RM 2.90 for a 500ml unit, which is significantly more expensive than a 600ml private label 7-Eleven branded purified drinking water in plastic priced at RM 1.60.

We have now seen big corporations like F&N launching drinking water in carton and this will help accelerate the pace of companies adopting more sustainable packaging including label-free pack.


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