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CU and Celebrity Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob Unveil Delicious New Fusion Food Range!

CU and Malaysian Celebrity Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob Introduce New Chinese New Year-Inspired Ready-to-Eat Meal Range

Kuala Lumpur, 17 January 2023 – Get ready to experience fusion food like never before! From the minds of CU and beloved Malaysian celebrity chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, comes a Chinese New Year-inspired creative ready-to-eat (RTE) range: the Dato’ Fazley Yaakob Creation Series, an all-new offering guaranteed to blow your mind and tastebuds out of the water.

In this series, Chef Dato’ Fazley brilliantly combined local favorite-Malaysian foods with mindfully selected, flavourful Korean and Chinese elements to create mouthwatering dishes unique only to CU.

It’s the perfect range to ring in Chinese New Year with – you will surely love this line-up whether you’re snacking alone or lunching with loved ones!

Dr Blake Dang, Director at MYCU Retail said, “At CU, we always strive to provide the highest standards of quality products and deliver unique curated experiences to our consumers and shoppers. This collaboration with Chef Dato’ Fazley came about as he is an innovative chef who aligned perfectly with our core values at CU – providing fresh, fun experiences for our customers. We had a remarkable time collaborating with him from ideation right up to the actual production of this new RTE range, and we can’t wait for everyone to try these dishes out!”

The Dato’ Fazley Yaakob Creation Series blends unique flavours and Malaysian favourite ingredients to get that extraordinary, mouth-watering flavour in all five dishes. With this delicious, unique, premium food offered at wallet-friendly prices – what’s not to sarang?

Laksa Negeri Sembilan

Chef Dato’ Fazley shared that CU and Korea played a big role in inspiring these offerings. “I have always enjoyed the muhibah-ness of Malaysian food, and I am a big fan of Korean and Chinese flavors. As a chef I have always had certain dishes in mind that I knew would taste delicious when paired with our beloved Malaysian tastes. This range is a result of these delicious, flavourful combinations. This collaboration with CU has been amazing, and I hope people enjoy it!”

Prosperous Yuan Yang Fried Rice With Sautéed Seaweed Chicken

The range consists of five unique, flavourful offerings:

  • Pulled Beef Lemak Cili Api Egg Mayo Sandwich RM 6.59
    Savor masak lemak beef cooked in a tasty concoction of coconut cream, turmeric and other spices, served with a cili api egg for maximum deliciousness.
  • Bandung Strawberry Bun RM 3.99
    Made with Japanese flour, this soft and fluffy Bandung-inspired bun explodes in your mouth with delicious, fragrant Bandung-flavoured cream and strawberry jam.
  • Laksa Negeri Sembilan RM 10.99
    A dish close to Chef Dato Fazley’s heart – springy noodles served with the usual suspects, combined in a luxuriously rich, creamy and spicy gravy.
  • Orange Sambal Nasi Lemak Fish Gimbap RM 10.99
    A dish with a meaningful story – the orange represents prosperity, the rice represents wealth, while the sambal is what binds us together. A wonderful dish with meaning and great taste to it!
  • Prosperous Yuan Yang Fried Rice With Sautéed Seaweed Chicken RM 12.99
    Served a fried spring roll, this Chinese-Malay fusion dish is a unique combination of delicious flavours, plated with seaweed chicken.
Orange Sambal Nasi Lemak Fish Gimbap

Head to your nearest CU outlet to taste the fusion deliciousness for yourself today!


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