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Fight hangover with Sober Up Candy, the first of its kind in Malaysia

Image by Sober Up Candy

Sober Up Candy is Malaysia’s first hard candy to fight hangover. The right way to consume this product is to take 2 candies 2 hours before drinking.

Sober Up Candy by Berjaya Pharmacy Distribution Sdn Bhd has a patented ingredient imported from France. The active ingredient is French oak wood extract (Robuvit). The candy with a tasty Himalayan salt and lemon flavour is classified and registered as food in Malaysia. Sober Up Candy has a clinically proven effectiveness within 24 hours.

We are increasingly seeing more hangover remedies appearing in Southeast Asia and most of them are imported from Korea. In China, even dairy major Mengniu has introduced a yogurt drink with kudzu root to reduce the effects of alcohol.

Unlike the older generation, the younger generation do not want to be seen as getting drunk but still want to enjoy a good night out. We are also seeing a new generation of sober curious who do not want the intoxicating effect of alcohol. That’s why brands are increasingly introducing sophisticated alcohol-flavoured drinks in the market targeting drinkers who choose to remain sober.

Sober Up Candy is available for purchase on Boozeat at a price of RM 14 (normal price RM 19) per pack (2×2.5g) or at selected 7-Eleven outlets at RM 14. Click here for the participating stores.

Sober Up Candy is not used to condone excessive drinking and it is user’s sole responsibility to drink responsibly.


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