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Genki Forest is now in 7-Eleven Malaysia

Image by 7-Eleven Malaysia

Genki Forest is now listed in 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia. This is a significant development to widen the distribution channel of Genki Forest, known of its calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free drink, beyond speciality imported stores to the mainstream channel.

Genki Forest is hugely popular in China as it has found a way to balance taste with health. Indeed, Genki Forest sparkling drink does score high when it comes to taste. Click here for a history of Genki Forest.

The Malaysian non-alcoholic drink market is ripe for a major shake up to move to the next phase. We have seen The Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo upgrading their portfolio with sugar-free options. DyDo Drinco’s Vida with less sugar and zero colouring is the closest equivalent to Genki Forest in Malaysia. The challenge is to make such drinks more easy on consumer’s wallet.

Genki Forest is selling at RM 7.90 (480ml).



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