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Pop Mie Pake Nasi offers the ultimate rice and noodle mashup

What happens when you want rice and noodle? Well Pop Mie Pake Nasi alias PaNas rasa Soto Ayam is the answer for those living in Indonesia. Panas or “hot” is the abbreviation of Pake Nasi, which means “using rice”. Pake is the informal variant of pakai (“to use”).

This is a new innovation by Indomie, which combines instant noodle with instant rice in a cup, making it the first of its kind in the country.

Image by Coconuts.co

When a picture of this product first surfaced online in September 2020, the government even had to step in to declare it a “hoax” as the company clarified they did not about this product.

To confirm, this product is real and consumers can now purchase it from Shopee.

The launch of Pop Mie Pake Nasi has opened up the pathway for more innovation possibility using the combination of noodle and rice. We may see potential collaboration between instant noodle brands and porridge brands in the future.

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