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Hoshay Food plant-based food launches in Singapore

Hoshay Food has launched a range of plant-based food in Singapore that caters to a variety of cuisines.

“More ethical, more sustainable and more options, that is what our latest food series is all about. We have always been passionate about creating tasty meat alternatives to better our health, the environment and animal welfare, while expanding consumers’ choices. As such our latest three series of plant-based products are specially developed to satisfy taste buds and at the same time be responsible for our increased consumption,” elaborates Chris Ooi, CEO of Hoshay Food.

What goes into these foods is equally important and great care is taken in the selection of ingredients which are all natural, these include tofu and shiitake mushrooms.

Among the hot favourites are the Hoshay Crispy Fried Chicken, which is pre-fried and coated with herbs and spices, and the soft and buttery Hoshay Unagi which comes drizzled with a specially made vegan teriyaki sauce.

Impressive and surprising is how most customers have described Hoshay’s new offerings.

Food preferences, choices and eating habits can make a difference in significantly reducing the environmental impact of the average person.

Tonichi Tsukemen

With the classic tastes of western delights, guilt-free snack options and ready to go meals that Hoshay’s Sizzle, Munchies and Now food series have to offer, it will certainly be easier for foodies looking to replace their everyday meals with something more environmentally friendly.


These yummy plant-based environmentally friendly delights are conveniently available at Jollibean Vegan, The Rebel Company Café & Bar, Fitthree, Tonichi Tsukemen and Southwest Punggol.

Jollibean Vegan


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