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Nitori’s Styled Selection For Every Part Of Your Home

3 Seat Sofa Alnus KD LGY/LBR (S$999)

Finding the perfect addition to your home can be challenging. With Nitori’s offering of furniture design with Asian homes in mind, you can be assured to find a centrepiece to complement the aesthetics of your home.

Alnus Edition

DT Alnus12080 LBR (S$399), DC Alnus Body LBR (S$120), Bench Alnus LBR/LGY (S$160), Coffee Table Alnus110 LBR (S$349)

Bringing the best of Japanese tradition and modernity into every piece, this collection features a natural light wood grain and a clean aesthetic. Combining the warmth of wooden grains with clean designs, the Alnus Edition creates a gentle and homely atmosphere while staying true to the minimalism principles – blending harmoniously into any Japanese Modern inspired homes. This uniquely designed edition includes pieces for every corner in your home, from the living room to the dining area to the bedrooms.

Full collection can be found here.

Etona Edition

Cabinet Etona 60DB LBR2 (S$499)
Chest Rack Etona 80CR WH (S$449)

The Etona Edition is designed with a feminine country home aesthetic. The natural wood grain and white shades make this collection easy on the eyes and are a dream to style.

Full collection can be found here.

Auros Edition

Low Shelf Auros3 (S$399), Dining Table Auros3 130 (S$449), Bench Auros3 (S$280)
2.5 Seat Sofa Auros3 DGY (S$799), High Shelf Auros3 (S$449)

The Auros Edition plays up on masculine industrial themes. Nitori’s Auros Edition explores the attractive combination of mix-and-match material furnishing – utilising black accents on vintage wood grains. This simple yet tasteful combination of the two will add colour and a touch of luxury and individuality to any corner of your room.

Full collection can be found here.

Filln Edition

TV Cabinet Filln2 150 (S$649)
Side Cabinet N Filln MBR 120 (S$649), DT Filln V Ext150 MBR (S$499), DC Filln OC MBR/GY (S$120)

The Filln Edition exudes a luxurious old world glamour. The pieces in this collection coordinate seamlessly with a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, ranging from Vintage to Japanese Modern to Minimalistic. With high focus on bringing out the rich wood aesthetics, every piece imparts a sense of timeless with its agile design.

Full collection can be found here.

Apart from these series collections, Nitori has an extensive range of products that can complement a wide range of styles in your homely abode. Be sure to visit Nitori at COURTS Nojima The Heeren at level 4 or their website for more!


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