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Danone Protinex comes to Thailand to address active aging

Image by Protinex

Danone has started exporting its adult nutrition health food drink Protinex to Thailand. Protinex is also Danone’s first Indian brand to be launched overseas. In India, Danone acquired from Wockhardt brands including Protinex, Dexolac, and Farex in 2012.

Protinex is a high-protein and low fat nutritional supplement with vital nutrients to support immunity, lean body mass and active aging.

In Thailand, Protinex targets consumers aged 40 and above. The adult nutrition product offers protein to improve muscle health. Muscle loss often starts after the age of 30.

Brands in Thailand are focusing on muscle health as exemplified by the recent launch of Dutch Mill Prolac to support active ageing. By 2050, around a third of Thailand’s population will be 60 years and above. The aging population opens up numerous opportunities for brands to prepare consumers on a journey to healthy aging as young as possible.


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