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Empowering Single Mothers And Underprivileged Women

7-Eleven Malaysia’s General Manager of Marketing, Ronan Lee (centre) and co-founders of UmieAktif, Lawrence Anak Abus Zulklepli (left) and Nik Sin Nik Man (right).

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 OCTOBER 2020 – The largest 24-hour standalone convenience store operator, 7-Eleven Malaysia, in collaboration with its partner NGOhub, has taken the initiative to contribute to a non-profit social enterprise, UmieAktif which works with economically challenged women in areas such as Chow Kit, Kampung Melayu Ampang, Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu.

The contribution of sewing machines aims to provide single mothers and underprivileged women with the opportunity to make a living through sewing using recycled materials and fabric, and also how to market their products.

7-Eleven Malaysia’s General Manager of Marketing, Ronan Lee said: “At 7-Eleven Malaysia, we believe passionately in giving back and strengthening resilience within vulnerable communities, and there is no exception for single mothers and women from low-income families. We hope that the contribution of sewing machines could give them the opportunity to work, to continuously improving their job skills and eventually putting their families on a positive trajectory toward self-sufficiency.

“Single mothers and marginalised women who lack specialised job skills are often forced to rely on modest welfare assistance to make ends meet. We firmly believe that empowerment project like this goes a long way as they learn sewing skills and produce marketable products. This in turn can reduce their dependency on public assistance by helping them to achieve financial independence and providing their children with a better future,” concluded Lee.

Beaming with smile, co-founder of UmieAktif, Nik Sin Nik Man said, “We are ever thankful to 7-Eleven Malaysia for the generous contribution as it means a lot to our participants. At present, we have more than 100 participants who are mostly single mothers, home-makers and also women who want to learn about entrepreneurship. Today, they can produce plush toys, appliquéd tote bags, table runners, and reusable cloth face masks.”

“Since its inception in 2016, the sewing project has brought about positive impact to the community. Many of our participants can now pay medical bills, send their children to school and put food on table with decreased reliance on assistance from the members of the public. Apart from this, we also create a support group where participants are encouraged to offer support to one another,” he added.

To find out more and support Umie Aktif’s work, go to facebook.com/UmieAktif. Alternatively, please contact them at +6017 527 9342.


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