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“OISHI” moves forward to make a difference by launching an innovative self-heating hot pot an answer for foodies and lovers of Japanese cuisine

Image by Oishi

Thailand March 25, 2021 – With the aim of finding new creative ways of delivering Japanese food experiences to consumers, “OISHI” – KING OF JAPANESE FOOD – has launched the brand-new “NABE Self-Heating Hot Pot” – an answer for all foodies, especially those who love Japanese food.

Paisarn Aowsathaporn, Executive Vice President, Restaurant Business, OISHI Group Plc. (OISHI), said most people avoided stepping out of their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown period, and even now people only go out when it is necessary. With this change in lifestyle, many people have free times and are more interested in cooking or preparing meals at home. This has resulted in the popularity of chilled ready meals or frozen foods, as well as Bento boxes and self-heating hot pots.

“OISHI continues developing and creating better, more useful products and services. With the latest innovation – the ‘NABE Self-Heating Hot Pot’ – popular Japanese dishes like Nabe and Sukiyaki can be taken straight to consumers’ homes. The build-and-merge technology using ‘Self-Heating Food Packaging [SHFP]’ delivers a new and exciting experience to Japanese food lovers, who will enjoy the same hot pot experience at home as they do in restaurants, and all without having to plug anything in or even using a microwave oven,” Paisarn said.

The new “NABE Self-Heating Hot Pot” series comes in seven different options under the OISHI brand as well as from its Japanese restaurants. On offer are the Buta (pork) Nabe and Gyu (beef) Nabe under the OISHI RAMEN – OISHI KITCHEN; the Eaterium Buta Nabe and Eaterium Gyu Nabe from the OISHI EATERIUM; and Shabushi Buta Nabe, Shabushi Gyu Nabe and Shabushi Seafood Nabe from its SHABUSHI restaurants. Prices range from 199 baht per cup for pork to 299 baht for beef and seafood.

The hot pot can be ordered by calling OISHI DELIVERY at 1773 or via OISHIDELIVERY.com. Orders can also be placed via SHOPTEENEE.com and food-delivery apps like foodpanda, GrabFood or LINE MAN.


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