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Kikkoman selling its soymilk in Thailand

Image by Kikkoman

Kikkoman soy milk, the number one soy milk from Japan, has arrived in Thailand. Thailand is already a large soy milk market with an established habit and acceptance of soy milk.

Kikkoman’s soy milk products for the Thai market comprise Japanese Sweet Potato flavour and Original, all in a 200ml carton. There will also be the unsweetened variant and the Black Sesame ones. All the products have been certified as Healthier Choice by the Thai government.

The Japanese firm has chosen to sell its Kikkoman soy milk through 7-Eleven to ensure wider reach since there are over 20,000 such outlets throughout the country. The likely strategy that Kikkoman will adopt in Thailand is using flavour innovation to attract the interest of younger consumers where some are already moving away from soy.


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