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The State of eCommerce 2017 – Insights on the Malaysian and SE Asian Online Shoppers

iPrice Group, a meta-search website where Malaysian consumers can easily compare prices, specs and discover products with hundreds of local and regional merchants, has issued its first whitepaper study on eCommerce in Southeast Asia. The full study can be viewed by clicking here.

Here is a quick gist of the most important Malaysian-centric data from the whitepaper:

  • Malaysians’ favourite day & hour to shop online
    • Malaysians’ favourite hour to make purchases is at 4:00pm
    • Malaysians’ favourite day to make purchases is on Wednesdays
    • Though most purchases were conducted during the weekdays,online traffic was significantly higher on weekends
  • The Mobile Revolution
    • 74% of eCommerce’s online traffic were from mobile devices
    • Malaysian shoppers are most likely to make an online purchase via desktop than mobile
  • Purchasing Behaviour
    • The average online order value / basket size is USD $54 / RM 210.90
    • Malaysians are more likely to purchase more expensive items via desktop
  • Payment options
    • 100% of eCommerce merchants provides credit card payment methods while Vietnam is lowest at 60%
    • The most unpopular payment option provided by merchants is offline POS & instalment payment method



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