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The iPrice Price Checker ensures Shoppers really get the Best Discounts on 11.11

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 November 2021 – With 11.11 sales consistently drawing record numbers, this year’s sale event is likely to be bigger than ever. This means come event day, there’ll be an endless list of offers from countless sellers, many with additional coupon discounts.

So come 11:11, shoppers will have a tough time deciding on the best offers. Let alone decide which of the offers are from trusted sellers given so many e-commerce sites.

Well, this year, finding the best deals doesn’t have to be complicated.

Having spent seven years helping Southeast Asians shop smarter, today iPrice is launching a “Price Checker” service to help shoppers find the lowest prices on 11.11. The service will be launched across six countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam).

Finding the best prices on a normal day is challenging enough. With the iPrice Price Checker, shoppers can maximize their savings by being notified which seller provides the best discount for their favourite products.

The service saves shoppers the time and trouble to track prices across multiple e-commerce sites and sellers.

“We continue to bring a greater level of trust, convenience, and transparency with everything we do. The iPrice Price Checker fulfils our mission to help shoppers save money through a convenient shopping experience. We will notify them on 11.11 about the lowest price of any item they choose among tens of thousands of products across the region,” said iPrice Chief Product Officer Heinrich Wendel. “All they have to do is subscribe to their desired item’s Price Comparison Page on our platform.”

Once shoppers click the “Buy on 11.11” button on the iPrice website Price Comparison Page, iPrice will send the user an e-mail on 11th of November about the item’s price drop. The user can then conveniently make the purchase right away by clicking a link to the product in the email. Consumers can subscribe to any number of product prices they want to track.

Starting today, shoppers can now enjoy this new service in just three easy steps:

  1. Go to the iPrice website and select the desired product on the Product Listing Page.
  2. On the Price Comparison Page, click “Buy on 11.11.”
  3. Fill up the necessary details & click “Submit.”

On 11.11, iPrice will let the shopper know which seller/merchant provides the cheapest price.

The Price Checker is iPrice’s newest service to help consumers save money and find the best deal. It’s an additional service to the iPrice platform which today allows shoppers to compare prices, sellers’ reputations, and delivery conditions across seven (7) billion products and eight (8) million, sellers.

Shoppers can anticipate an easier shopping experience as iPrice brings in more features in the coming months. iPrice’s continued dedication to helping shoppers find the best deals and save money is what firmly plants us as the region’s best online shopping companion.

About iPrice Group

iPrice Group is Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping companion. With a mission to bring a greater level of transparency, convenience and trust to the e-commerce market across Southeast Asia in order to help people save money, the company today operates in seven countries across Southeast Asia namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Currently, iPrice compares and catalogs 7+ billion e-commerce offers from more than 8 million sellers, attracting more than 35 million monthly visits across the region. iPrice currently operates under its own brand iPrice and through various partnerships with leading apps, such as SmartPay (Vietnam), GoRewards (Philippines), Home Credit (Indonesia) Visense (Singapore), Robinsons rewards (Philippines) & Boost (Malaysia).


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