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Heavenly Blush – Greek secret to staying full longer

Indonesian yogurt brands are making full use of the “secret to” to market their yogurt products. We have seen ABC Kogen Dairy launching its Kin Bulgarian yogurt drink with the tagline “The Secret to Living Younger.” This product contains Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and has been linked to the longevity of the Bulgarian people who have more people aged 100 years and older.

PT Nutrifood Indonesia’s Heavenly Blush aired a TV commercial in early 2018 accompanied by a digital campaign to promote its Greek-styled yogurt. Television presenter Sandra Olga, born to a Chinese-Indonesian father and German mother, is featured in the campaign travelling to the Greek island of Santorini in search of the secret to the healthy and active lifestyle of the Greek people. The Greek is portrayed as eating less but feel fuller for a longer time. By eating snacking less, this would help to reduce weight.

The secret is Greek yogurt – high in protein and thickness. Heavenly Blush Greek yogurt is described as having the same properties of Greek yogurt made in Greece. That is the Greek secret of staying full longer.




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