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Domino’s love for Malaysians grows bigger and stronger with #SamaSamaJaga

Domino’s incredible SamaSamaJaga deals offer up to 70% savings on pizzas. Let's #SamaSamaJaga and spread the love

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 September 2021 – With the pandemic casting dark clouds over our days, we are all collectively looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, more than ever, Domino’s appreciates the importance of sharing positivity simply because their customers deserve it. By offering unbeatable deals through Sama Sama Jaga, Domino’s aims to remind their customers to keep spreading the love and care as we #sama-sama jaga each other throughout this time.

In full support of the nation’s vaccination efforts, Domino’s first kicked off its vaccination promo in July which encourages Malaysians to be vaccinated to enjoy 2 Regular pizzas for RM19 simply by showing their digital vaccine certificate at any Domino’s branch. With the overwhelming response and success of this promo, Domino’s is now extending better offers to everyone with Sama Sama Jaga, because we hear you.

The Sama Sama Jaga deals offer the perfect opportunity to not only send love to those who have registered for the vaccination or have received it, but to all Malaysians regardless. For a limited time only, Domino’s will not only be offering 2 Regular Pizzas for only RM19, but also 2 Large Pizzas for RM39 and 2 Xtra Large Pizzas for RM49! The unprecedented SamaSamaJaga deals offer up to 70% savings on pizzas, and will be available for all customers to enjoy from 20 September and for a limited time, only available via takeaway, Pandu Ambil or online self-collect orders Potong Q via Domino’s official portals.

Shamsul Amree, Chief Executive Officer of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia said, “We were extremely happy to offer all our customers the Sama Sama Jaga deals for such an affordable price. As Malaysians, we are naturally inclined to care for each other and pull through together during tough times. It is times like these that Domino’s wants to remind you of our promise that It’s All About You. Everyone deserves to have a slice of love during this time, and we sincerely mean that when we decided to extend this offer to everyone.”

“Above all, we want you to feel the love and appreciation that we have for you, our customers. The joy and excitement that we witnessed during the first roll-out of this special offer was testament to the responsibility that Domino’s has to keep spreading the love to all Malaysians. We understand that many of our customers have been feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders financially and emotionally, and we hope that this offer may bring some much-needed comfort to you. Be it to enjoy the great offers for yourself, share the love with friends or family or even as a way to support those in need, let’s sama-sama jaga.”

The campaign is not complete without the involvement of Abang and Kakak Domino’s! Regardless of the situation, Abang and Kakak Domino’s have shown their commitment in upholding communal responsibilities in the Love Our Frontliners movement launched in August. Now, they too stand together extending their helping hands to all Malaysians to sama-sama jaga together. Abang Domino’s Mohammad Fazreen Idham shared, “I am overjoyed to know that we are part of Malaysians noble efforts to sama-sama jaga. As we continue this fight against COVID-19, let’s all remember to always check in on our loved ones and sama-sama jaga each other.”

Domino’s incredible SamaSamaJaga deals that offers 2 Regular Pizzas for only RM19,  2 Large Pizzas for RM39 and 2 Xtra Large Pizzas for RM49 will be available nationwide from 20 September onwards for take away and online self-collect (Potong Q and Pandu Ambil) orders via Domino’s official portals only.


To redeem these offers online, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Register or log in to  https://www.dominos.com.my
  2. Select Take Away option and choice of store
  3. Go to promos and coupons tab and key in the following codes:

For 2 Regular pizzas at RM19 (4 pax). Key in Code: MEGA19R

For 2 Large pizzas at RM39 (6-7 pax). Key in Code: MEGA19L

For 2 Xtra Large pizzas at RM49 (9-10 pax). Key in Code: MEGA19XL


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