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Five Star Joins Forces in Eco-Friendly ‘No Refry’ Campaign to Promote Sustainable Use of Cooking Oil Across Its Franchise Chain

Wednesday 03 April 2024 – Five Star, a franchise operated by Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), has recently partnered significantly with the “No Refry” campaign. This campaign, jointly launched by Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited (BSGF) and the Department of Health of the Ministry of Public Health for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), contributes to both public health and environmental well-being.

This partnership aligns with Five Star’s commitment to encouraging its franchisees to promote the proper disposal of used cooking oil and encourage recycling by converting it into valuable products, such as SAF, thus supporting environmental sustainability, public health, and the promotion of green technology.

The collaboration with the No Refry campaign underscores Five Star’s dedication to recycling used vegetable oil into SAF, aligning with their vision of health and environmental sustainability.

With 130 Five Star franchisees in Bangkok, some located in Bangchak oil stations, currently participating in the No Refry campaign, this year, Five Star plans to encourage all 5,000 branches nationwide to join this campaign, aiming to foster green innovation.

Five Star is committed to sustainable business practices and job creation, marking over four decades of mutual growth of Five Star entrepreneurs, which exceeds 5,000 branches across Thailand.

The collaboration with the “No Refry” campaign as an extension of the “Fry to Fly” initiative for SAF production, promotes health and environmental consciousness among Five Star entrepreneurs by discouraging the reuse of cooking oil, thereby ensuring the safety and quality of fried foods. The project supports the economical disposal of used oil, repurposed by BSFG into SAF. Participating restaurants are awarded a certificate from the Department of Health, acknowledging their adherence to best practices in cooking oil use, thereby elevating their service standards.

To qualify for certification, entrepreneurs must meet three key requirements: avoid reusing frying oil, participate in the SAF production process by selling their used oil for at least six months, and successfully pass a test for polar compounds, ensuring they do not exceed 25% of the oil’s weight, as mandated by the Ministry of Public Health.


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