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Marina Pasta Sauce with Tuna is a match made in heaven

Malaysia’s FM Further Processing Sdn Bhd, which markets its products under the Marina brand, has launched canned Marina Pasta Sauce with Tuna. FM Further Processing is a subsidiary company of FFM Berhad.

Marina Pasta Sauce is said to be the only pasta sauce with tuna chunks in the market. Not only in Italian sauce, the range also comes in Carbonara sauce & Shoyu (tasty Japanese soy sauce) sauce.

We are seeing companies including sauce/processed meat producers providing convenient option to support home chefs by combining sauce with meat/seafood ingredients. In the Philippines, San Miguel Pure Foods has launched Purefoods Slow-Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with the Tender Juicy Hotdog. This frozen product combines hotdog and spaghetti sauce into one product.

In the case of Marina Pasta Sauce, it is even more convenient because of its shelf-stable canned format.

Marina Pasta Sauce with Tuna 165g x 3 (bundle) is priced at RM 16.50 on FFM’s official e-commerce store on Shopee Malaysia.


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